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Kaaos Unlimited Oy is a software company with a creative twist. It was founded by two IT professionals who realized that they could not become what they wanted to be without starting their own business.

We love what we do.


Artist recruiting system

Expert in e-recruitment with over 10 years of experience

Artist has been designed to support recruitment processes from simple straightforward application management to complex recruitment request schemes and extensive reporting. If you practice it, we probably can support it. Best value can be had in corporations, where application volumes are upwards from hundreds per year, or more than one person is involved in recruiting new employees.

Applicant evaluation can be done by skills, motivation, and, most importantly, cultural fit. To support this, in addition to application forms and annotation capabilities, Artist integrates video interviews and personality tests (coming in 2015). Put together, these tools are a powerful combination to winnow applicant pool to those absolutely best suited for the job.

[+]Recruitment pipeline with Artist

Artist is a tool for concise employer image management, application tracking, and process performance reporting, with emphasis on data interchangeability – the data is yours, where do you need it today?

Features include (but are not limited to):

  • Configurable recruiting process based on customer's needs and definitions
  • Base language support for Finnish and English
    • Additional available languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Targeted recruitments
  • Application banks
  • Job advertisement publishing tool with interfaces to Oikotie Työpaikat,, Monster and LinkedIn
  • Definable user access levels
  • User authentication against customer's existing infrastructure
    • Active Directory or other LDAP compatible directory
    • SAML 2.0 based single sign-on
  • Extremely flexible application forms


We are currently modernizing Artist to meet tomorrow's requirements. For questions and quotations, please email , call Sami, Jaakko or Mika, or use the form below to leave us a note.

We will call/email you only in this context. Your personal information is safe with us.


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  • LähiTapiola Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö
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In addition to our own software products, services and in-house development, we also provide consulting and work as a subcontractor.

We gladly take part on projects and provide consulting if we can make a positive difference.

Things we have done:

  • Systems- and software subcontracting for the Finnish defence industry.
  • Bootstrapped

The ones who do


  • Mika Alanen

    Mika Alanen

    Artist Consult and Trainer

    +358 50 526 9220

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We're hiring!

We like to surround us with people who know their stuff, or if they don't, they're willing to figure it out. And if at the end of the day they're still stuck, they talk about it.

Our methods aren't set in stone, and we are looking for willing participants to develop our company with us.

Application period ends on 15 December 2015 so don't hesitate to let us know!

Blossoming Software Generalist

You don't have to be an expert yet. You do need a second helping of curiosity and tenacity. Some avenues in our development processes have been opened, others still wait for their trailblazer.

We provide an expert tool, which isn't that glamorous compared to any webapp or service du jour, but it is a crucial tool for our clients. You need to have a somewhat thick skin and an adventurous mindset to cope with legacy, but also the capability of seeing a better future and the burning desire to deliver that to the users.

Current tools include, for example, Perl, Python/Django, MySQL, Ansible, CentOS, POVS' (Plain Old Virtual Servers) a dash of Ruby and other ancilliary technologies. It's a world of fasteners and we try not to use hammer for everything.

» Give us a holler!

Customer Acquisition and Retention Master

Every business needs sales people and those who take good care of the customers. Our customer service is top notch, but needs the other half to deliver a good, robust experience to our customers. You might be the one, who brings balance to the Force.

You know how to help prospects realize their own needs, to understand how our services could be of use to them, and when the time is right, to take the step.

Afterwards, you take care of them and make your rounds listening to their thoughts and wants. With the rest of the team we then strive to provide them with the exact understanding of the problem and the necessary tools to deal with it.

We have some ideas how this area could work, and we do provide some tooling, but for the most part this is your place to shine and convice us of your skills and knowledge. This is on par with leading the whole software development effort.

» Drop us a line!

And remember, this application period ends on 15 December 2015 at 24:00.